The Project

In the summer of 2011, I completed 60 Jobs in 60 Days, a job shadow marathon. Through this exploratory exercise, I got exposure to many different occupations and shared first-hand knowledge on this blog. By doing job shadows back-to-back, I was able to contrast the pros and cons of each career path. I hope this blog will serve as a resource for future students in my position.

All the jobs are listed to the left and are in no particular order. Here are a few of my favourites: Pediatrician, Interior Designer, Optometrist, City Councilor, Rabbi, and Venture Capitalist.

After the summer of 2011, I did a lot of reflecting, did this project actually work? Do I know what job I'd like to pursue? It took a month or two after the project was completed to figure it out and it isn't the answer I expected. Turns out I enjoyed the project itself instead of any particular job, so I've decided entrepreneurship is for me! 

60 Jobs in 60 Days has been covered by a bunch of media outlets. Check them out for more information on my job shadow marathon. 

About Me

I'm a third year biology major at Queen’s University. Along with my interest in biology, I love design, astronomy, and digital innovation. In the summer of 2011, I job shadowed 60 professionals in 60 days, launching this blog based off my experiences.

This past summer, I was a participant in The Next 36 - an intensive program for young entrepreneurs in Canada. I launched an app that lets you relive all of the concerts you've ever been to by finding all the photos and videos created at the event.

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