I went down to my local TD Bank branch and spent a few hours with a bank teller. Although bank tellers don’t necessarily have any formal business backgrounds, Frank, the teller I shadowed, took various college courses to understand the world of banking.

During the day, Frank performed many transactions for customers, typically deposits and withdrawals of cash, as well as a few currency conversions. However, the most interesting part of Frank’s day was sitting down with new and existing customers to open accounts, apply for new credit cards, and solve some more complex banking issues since he is one of the more senior staff at the branch. 

Frank explained to me that since he is at a retail branch, and not in an office tower, part of his job is to relate to customers and explain all of the bank’s policies and restrictions in a way that any person can understand. In fact, Frank was so helpful that he also helped me set up a new Student account and helped me plan out my personal finances. One of Frank’s favourite parts of his job is that on a day-to-day basis he is helping regular people solving their personal banking problems, instead of having to work just with corporate clients. 

A Typical Day

Bank tellers help customers make all types of transactions everyday.

Top 3 Perks

1) Helping people understand their financial situation 

2) Talking to tons of people everyday 

3) Everyone likes to handle cash (it feels good!)


Job Culture

Standing indoors for long hours, counting bills, using computer programs, meeting with customers, opening accounts, being responsible for large amounts of money


1) Customer service experience 

2) No criminal record and good credit

Skills Needed

Communication, computer skills, math skills, people skills, organization, listening, problem solving

The Field

- Although banking machines have replaced many bank tellers the job will always be around to complete more complex transactions and requests