Ray went to barber school at the age of 17. He always knew he wanted to be a barber since he loves to talk to people and is good with his hands. Over the years, Ray has built up a base of around 200 returning clients and sees new people all the time. He sees around 10 or more clients per day for around 20 minutes each, which is short and Ray is known for his speed. He currently rents a chair in a hair salon on a busy street in Toronto. He works three or four days per week and likes to start his day early and end early. This is also pretty convenient for his clients since many of them see Ray before work.

Although I originally thought cutting hair would seem rather mundane, after spending time with Ray I’ve changed my mind. In fact, being a barber can be very enjoyable as you constantly get good feedback from clients. Ray loves to talk and it looked like his clients love to talk to him. He usually talks about movies, sports, news, and frankly whatever he wants to with his clients, which is awesome and rare for a job. While talking and pleasing whoever is in his chair, Ray also has to cut their hair, take care of his waiting client to ensure they are comfortable, and answer his phone which seems to ring every 10 minutes for new appointments.

Watching Ray in action cutting different peoples hair with different hair styles was interesting, but I really came away with one thought that Ray told me. People match their hairdressers. Ray is very easy going and chilled and from what I saw his clients are too. If hairdressers are arrogant their clients will be too.

A Typical Day

Ray starts early in the morning and usually ends early in the afternoon. He sees scheduled clients for around 20 minutes each.

Top 3 Perks

1) Can be part time work

2) Earn tips

3) Talk to interesting people all day

Job Culture

Talking to interesting people, using your hands, cleaning up messes, washing people’s hair, using equipment


1) Enroll in a recognized barber program

2) Complete an apprenticeship

Skills Needed

Dexterous, near vision, people skills, communication skills, visualization, creative

The Field

- Always new cutting and styling techniques to learn at seminars

- Jobs are secure since people will always need their hair cut