Part-Time Entrepreneur is an audio book publishing website trying to reinvent the industry. The publishing startup has many influential authors and speakers from around the world, which are all available to download from their website and the iTunes store. It is a really neat idea that promotes inspiration, motivation, and wellness.

The entrepreneur at grew up around music and media. In university he studied performing, writing, and production, which has definitely helped him out today. However, studying your interests in university is a lot easier than running a business. The entrepreneur runs this business part-time, which cannot be very easy. He has to manage a team of part-time workers every day and try to keep the startup moving forward. 

Even though I am not running a startup, I can understand the frustrations of running a website. When I built this website, I corresponded with a lot of developers and I had to redesign the website from scratch a few times—and this website is fairly simple. is a great website that sells audio books online; it’s not just a blog like mine, so it must be incredibly hard to run for a part-time entrepreneur.  

A Typical Day

On a typical day the entrepreneur at makes sure all of his part-time workers have what they need to keep the project moving forward..

Top 3 Perks

1) Interacting with bestselling authors  

2) Working from wherever you choose 

3) Often receive compensation through equity  

Job Culture

Using the Web, managing a team of part-time workers, long hours, lots of responsibility, working by yourself, serving customers, meetings.


-- There are no requirements although I’m sure a business background would be a lot of help. 

- The entrepreneur at was always interested in music and media so I’m sure it helps to be interested in what you build your business around. 

Skills Needed

Web skills, creativity, communication, self-motivation, risk-taking, problem-solving, leadership, people skills, negotiation, time management.t

The Field

- Entrepreneurship is becoming more popular. 

- Many believe that entrepreneurship will reenergize the economy.