Cory is a housekeeper is a nice neighborhood of Toronto. When she was 18 years old Cory went to Egypt with her mother to help out an American diplomat. After a year and half she immigrated to Canada and helped out a family in Vancouver. Eventually she moved to Toronto and helped get her family over here. During this time (five years) she was a live in housekeeper for a family, but after she got married she started to work part time. Now, she has five clients that live throughout the same neighborhood and her clients range from a family with young kids to a senior citizen.

While I was with Cory she showed me how to iron properly, do laundry, cook and bake, vacuum, dust, and make a crisp and nice looking bed. Cory especially enjoys cooking and I got to taste her chocolate chip cookies which were delicious. She takes a lot of care to make the homeowner’s house clean and tidy, working independently or together with the homeowner. 

Working with a family with smaller children adds a whole different dimension as she also has to babysit while doing housework. Her favorite part is the warm and friendly relationship she has developed with the families she assists. Cory is an amazing housekeeper and has tried to give her career an edge since she completed a one year course to become a certified nursing assistant. This designation allows her to work in hospitals, retirement homes, and one-on-one care with the elderly which she does. 

A Typical Day

Housekeepers clean one or two houses a day. They do laundry, sweep, vacuum, mop, wash dishes, cook and bake, and make sure the house is maintained.

Top 3 Perks

1) Developing relationships with clients 

2) Earn tips 

3) Work independently

Job Culture

Indoors and outdoors, driving to clients houses, cleaning, cooking, folding, carrying heavy objects


- No formal requirements

Skills Needed

Physically fit, communication skills, ability to follow directions, measurement skills, time management skills

The Field

- People are becoming increasingly busy so housekeeper demand is increasing