I spent some time an experienced optician who works in a large optometry office. When the optometrists tell patients they need glasses they send them to him, but he said he also has a lot of customers from the street. He helps customers choose the right glasses frame that fits their face since many frames customers put on are disproportional, not visually appealing, or doesn’t sit right on their face. When he isn’t with a customer selling glasses, he is either cutting and fitting lenses to the customer’s frames, researching frame companies, or sending in orders to his lens supplier. Throughout the day I was also really surprised how many of his customers stop in just to get their glasses adjusted. He says this is usual and it is because of regular wear and tear. His customers appreciate this and it is pretty easy for him.

I enjoyed spending time with an optician since it is a combination of sales, design, and science, which are all things I am interested in.  

A Typical Day

Opticians assist customers choose the right frame and cut the lens to fit the frames. They see many customers everyday and also do a lot behind the scenes.

Top 3 Perks

1) Making people see correctly and look good can be very gratifying 

2) Great mix of science and sales 

3) Everyday poses new problems and new customers


Job Culture

Indoors for long hours, using your hands, selling frames, running your own business, taking measurements, cutting lenses, cleaning glasses


- Complete a diploma/certificate in opticianry

- Register with a board

Skills Needed

Communication skills, people skills, dexterous, near vision, math skills

The Field

- You have to keep up with fashion trends 

-  More people are wearing contact lenses and don’t need mutiple frames