I visited a photography studio to watch an experienced photographer in action. The studio was really nice, it had the photographer’s work everywhere, it had couches, dressing rooms, and a viewing room. Things were pretty quiet for most of the day and he had a few photo sessions with some families. The photo sessions were fairly repetitive and I honestly think I could have done his job. While he was very knowledgable and knew a lot about photography the camera was already setup, the lights were setup, and he basically just clicked a button. I’m sure setting up the studio initially may have been challenging, but I feel like once that is done it is a really easy job. Despite that, one thing he was really good at was making kids laugh with his puppets. I’ll concede that he was funny but it must be tiring having to do this repetitively. After each photo session which was probably around 20 minutes each we took a look at the pictures and they were actually really impressive. He chose the best ones and his staff were going to make a presentation for the family to see.

I think being a studio photographer must be extremely boring sometimes. They are inside all day, pretty well just click a button since everything is setup, and sort through pictures. If I was to become a photographer I would prefer to be a wildlife photographer because it requires a lot of knowledge and is adventurous.

A Typical Day

The photographer I shadowed works in a studio and sees many clients each day for around 30 minutes.

Top 3 Perks

1) Ability to be creative 

2) Job autonomy

3) Meeting and interacting with families and couples from varying backgrounds

Job Culture

Indoors or outdoors depending on employment, using computers, setting up equipment, arranging clients and giving directions


- No formal requirements however a good understanding of photography and the equipment is necessary

Skills Needed

Patience, creativity, people skills, computer skills, artistic

The Field 

A great way to enter the field is to start as a photographer’s assistant