Retail Salesperson

I spent some time with Monica, an employee at a major department store. Monica has worked there for 18 years and represents the brand Basler, which is a high-end women’s clothing line. She works long shifts and is on her feet all day—I could see it being tiring and I was only there for a few hours. However, she has been doing it for 18 years and still loves her job. She meets new people, including a lot of tourists, every day and helps them out. She greets every customer she sees, and if they are interested, she helps find items and solves their problems. Over the years she has learnt to deal with customers and she says honesty is incredibly important. She says that if her store doesn’t have what the customer is looking for, it is important to be honest and not aggressive. By being honest, she believes repeat customers will come back to you.

When I shadowed her, it was a quiet day since it was early in the morning during the week, but she still made a few sales. For every sale she makes, she also made a commission so there is motivation to sell. Overall, I would get bored in retail sales, but Monica really enjoys it. She loves buying clothes for herself (although all they are allowed to wear at work is black) and seeing the latest fashions.  


A Typical Day

A retail salesperson greets many customers, helps them choose items, and hopefully uses a cash register to take payments.

Top 3 Perks

1) Can make salary and a commission 

2) Can work part-time 

3) Receive discounts on merchandise they sell 

Job Culture

On your feet for long periods of time, indoors, long hours, talking to customers, making transactions, dealing with complaints, arranging merchandise.


 - No formal requirements.

Skills Needed

Communication, persuasive, people skills, computer skills, listening skills.

The Field

- Always new opportunities and positions in the field.

- Online shopping is impacting the retail sales industry and slowly decreasing the amount of