Tennis Instructor

I shadowed the instructors at Serve4Success tennis camp which provides underprivileged kids with free tennis lessons. The lessons were 45 minutes each and the two instructors teach five kids per session. The night I was there, the students were learning how to volley properly. After a warm-up and learning how to stretch, the kids, ranging from 7-14 years old, received instruction on the proper technique for volleying. The instructors tried to use simple language because many of the children are recent immigrants, which is a big challenge for the instructors. Since there is a language barrier, the instructors try to teach by example, or use some of the children who understand English better to translate. Following this, the kids spent half an hour practicing their forehand and backhand volleys, trying to perfect their shot. At this time it was pretty chilled for the instructors as they were just feeding balls or giving hands-on instruction. At the end of the lesson, the instructors try to have fun by including a game.

Being a tennis instructor is a fun, but possibly frustrating job. They repeated the same routine during their next two lessons that night and I could see that being boring. However, when the kids learnt how to volley, the instructors seemed very gratified. 

A Typical Day

The instructors I shadowed teach a few nights a week. They instruct in groups of five and teach the basics of tennis to beginners.

Top 3 Perks

1) Being outside during beautiful summer nights 

2) Watching kids succeed 

3) Playing tennis and doing what you love 

Job Culture

Outdoors for long periods of time, training and teaching others, working with groups, problem-solving using creative solutions, irregular hours, seasonal work.


1) Receive instructor’s certification which includes on-court training and the completion of an ethics exam.

Skills Needed

Patience, leadership, motivational, communication, people skills, athletic ability.

The Field

- Great summer job for students. 

- You can learn how a tennis club works and maybe run it in the future.